Elegant, timeless design. The EXOS impresses in every respect. A clear design, sturdy metal clip and a solid metal tip make the Exos a timeless classic. The new, optionally available metallized pusher makes the writing instrument even more exclusive.

X-tremely variable! Thanks to the MIX & MATCH modular system, the Exos series excels with almost infinite combination options. Whether in transparent or muted colors, with or without a metal tip, or with a soft-touch finish - the EXOS offers a wide variety of models and colors.

Outstanding – the Soft refill used in all Exos versions is supreme. Velvety soft writing is guaranteed from the first to the last stroke. The waterproof large-capacity refill with a writing length of 4,000m ensures a long-lasting and sustainable advertising impact.

Softtouch finishes for the perfect feel! The special feature: The advertising print is protected and long-lasting under the soft-touch coating. This makes the Exos an exclusive promotional ambassador Made in Germany!