We present a selection of sales tools that will facilitate your daily work with our Ritter pens. From the catalog, via display, color plates through to equipped presentation box with Ritter-Pen ballpoint pens. Just ask us, we will advise you on the selection.

Complete Catalog

The entire line of writing instruments by Ritter-Pen in a comprehensive 172 pages, DIN A-4 catalog. You will find that all our ballpoint pens are made of high quality plastic and metal. Some pen models have twist-action retraction; others feature our customized printing and foiling and our Eco models are made from organic material. All pens models are equipped with quality refills. This is a comprehensive source of information for the industry and an indispensable tool for the advertising trade.


Professional advertising for RITTER-PEN products. The open cut out in this appealing white cardboard sample box provides an attractive way to view your choice of 4 pens. Dimensions: 123 x 22 x 165 mm

Promotion-Box ECO-LINE

Cardboard box  for 4 pens of the eco-line, with a small „window“ for the perfect presen-tation. Dimensions 123 x 22 x 165 mm


The perfect presentation for the RITTER CARES series. Wooden display with holders for a total of 30 writing instruments.
Dimensions: 42 x 52 x 25 cm


The eye-catcher in your showroom. 3-sided cardboard-presenta with stable base and removable acrylic-presenta for 81 pens. Each side is equipped with 9 acrylic presenta, each of which contains 3 pens. Dimension: 1800 x 470 x 470 mm

Presentation Box

The professional companion for outside and showroom sales. Optimal customer presentation includes five separate trays with 14 pens each, all pens are printed with its model name & item number. To easily find everything you are looking for, each tray is clearly marked and sorted into the appropriate product category as shown in our general catalog. Together with the catalog you will always have what’s important for a perfect presentation.

Pen Presentation

For “Customer Specific” product presentations. This semi-transparent plastic binder contains customized pens attached to a printed pen layout showing virtual imprint possibilities. For professional product presentations where no questions remain unanswered. Dimensions: 50 x 315 x 275 mm


Sample box with a selection of different refills. For the presentation and testing of the most common RITTER-PEN standard and soft refills. Dimensions: 160 x 235 x 38 mm


cardboard sample kit for 24 pens of the ECO-LINE. With carrying handle.Dimensions: 245 x 229 x 57 mm


High gloss, white cardboard, presentation box made for 28 pen samples. Ideal for presenting a variety of Ritter-Pen products, equip with the newest models or any desired combination. Easy-to-use elastic band closure. Dimensions: 320 x 235 x 38 mm

Color Chips

Color samples made of ABS plastic chips with embossed pen-part color codes. The perfect everyday tool when choosing or imprinting a Ritter-Pen. Ideal for determining the best color match for logo colors to pen part colors.

Acrylic Table Display

Table display with 3 x 3 pens of your choice. Put your Ritter-Pen Writing Instruments Collection in the right light with this space saving presentation opportunity. Dimensions: 200 x 300 x 140 mm