Elegant appearance

Eppi__Elegant appearence_Exos

Elegant appearance

Ritter-Pen is presenting the Exos, which convinces across the board with its elegant and timeless design. A clear design language, stable metal clip and solid metal tip turn the pen into a timeless classic.

The new, optionally available, metallised pusher lends the Exos a touch od exclusiveness and thanks to the mix&match modular system that offers almost endless combination possibillities, the Exos series is extremely variable too. Wether in transparent or full colours, with or without a metal tip or with a soft-touch surface - the Exos excels with a large variety of models and colours.

All versions are equipped with an indelible large-capacity soft refill, which guarantees smooth writing down to the last stroke and with a writing capacity of 4,000 m the models enable long-lasting, sustainable promotional implementation. A soft-touch surface provides the perfect haptic feel while writing. The special feature: THe advertising imprint lies protected underneath the soft-touch coating to ensure high durability.

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